We are more than just a non-profit for good – we are community, and any good community comes with dedication to others. We believe in friendship, support and betterment for all.

We're an organization committed to developing the potential of women, as well as improving our community through volunteer work. We invite you to Join Us.


Prospective Members

we want fabulous ladies like you

All New Members must complete the following during their training in order to be recommended as Active Members for the following League year: 

  1. Attend a new member retreat in August

  2. Attend 75% of New Member Meetings on secondMonday between September- April.

  3. Attend Activation at the General Membership Meeting Annual Dinner in May.

  4. Participate in the New Member class project(s).

  5. Participate in at least one JLM fundraising initiative.

  6. Complete 2 Done-in-a-Day (DID) community service projects.

  7. Fulfill the financial requirements of membership.

New  Members:




making community better

All Active Members are encouraged to participate in the following: 

  • Attend General Membership Meetings from September to May (generally the 2nd Monday of each month).

  • Fulfill a JLM placement.

  • Participate in flexible commitments for Done-in-a-Day (DID) service projects.

  • Participate in flexible commitments for Fundraising projects.

  • Pay membership dues of $225 annually in May. There is no fall financial obligation.

Active Members must serve a minimum of five (5) active years before requesting Sustainer status. 


General Membership:

Dues charged to members:
New member fees are around $300; please note new members do not pay dues until the following year. New members will pay active dues by April 15th for the upcoming year. 

For more information about dues and financials, please contact